The Vision

The vision for the future of the land is to achieve a high quality, living environment that integrates with developments that exist within its proximity and that take full advantage of the sites coastal location. The Estate will create an energetic and diverse community that adds to the existing vibrancy of Torquay and surrounding neighbourhoods.


The road connections, with the existing surrounding network, have been designed to ensure a connectivity throughout the estate to Torquay via Horseshoe Bend Road, Surf Coast Highway and Fischer Street. Stretton Drive will be constructed to connect all three major thoroughfares.

Furthermore, a proposed bus route link will run through the middle of the Estate and will provide access to the Civic Precinct facilities and the educational facilities within Stretton.

Open Space

Areas of wetlands and conversation reserves have been identified in the overall masterplan for the Estate. The open space is part of an overall landscape vision with open space connected by safe networks of shared pathways, corridors and transitioning through the Estate.


A range of housing types is promoted to suit the diversity of residential needs. To achieve this goal and in order to reflect the existing coastal character of the Torquay & Jan Juc region, a set of guidelines for housing design has been adopted for the Estate. The guidelines aim to control design architectural form and landscaping objectives.