Torquay Golf Club.

This is Stretton Developments second year of sponsorship for the Torquay Golf Club. Last year was a great success and the response to the Stage 1 of Stretton Torquay has been overwhelming.

Stretton Developments are pleased to support the local community of Torquay again this year, in 2015, as the major sponsor of the Torquay Golf Club, 70th Annual Golf Week. Golf Week is one of the Torquay Golf Clubs biggest events for the year. We are privileged to be the major sponsor for an exciting week commencing 4 October through to 11 October 2015. Golf Week includes events such as Men’s 36 Hole Open Event and a Ladies 27 Hole Open Event. This is a great opportunity for the “professionals” to show off their golf prowess amongst the varied range of competitors from near and far..


Stretton has been a proud major sponsor of the Torquay Golf Club for over 6 years and continues to be a major contributor to its events throughout the year. The 75th Annual Golf Week will be held in October 2022 – Stretton will be there again to support the Club and the local community.

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